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Master ING suffix with our reading passages! Discover rules through inquiry and reading, supported by activity pages. Ideal for 2nd to 5th grade. Perfect for enhancing spelling programs!


Includes passages and activities to encourage students to discover the rules through reading and inquiry. These reading passages cover everything you need!


→ Each 'ing' rule included has a passage

→ Each rule includes an activity page to support their understandings

→ Answers included

→ 2x revision pages - students sort the words

→ Black and white excluding the cover page

→ 3 passages included


Included rules:

★ Silent e - drop e and add ing

★ Short vowel - double the final consonant and add ‘ing’

★ Just add ‘ing’


REVISION word sorts:

★ Version 1 – ing added already

★ Version 2 – add ing


Perfect to complement a spelling program or to support students struggling with the adding the 'ing' suffix spelling patterns.

Adding ING - Discover the rules to add ING Suffix - Reading Passages

GST Included
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