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Delight Junior Students with Festive Christmas Trivia!


Spark the holiday spirit in with this interactive Christmas Trivia PowerPoint. Packed with 20 engaging questions, including fun guess-the-character challenges and holiday-themed puzzles, this PowerPoint/PDF presentation is the perfect blend of education and celebration.



  • Targeted for 2nd Grade and Up: Questions crafted to captivate elementary students.
  • 20 Varied Questions: Covering all things Christmas, from historical facts to cultural traditions.
  • Flexible Formats: Available in both PowerPoint and PDF versions.
  • Answer Summary & Response Sheet: For easy tracking and review.
  • Dual Modes: Run it as a standard trivia with answers at the end, or opt for immediate answers after each question. Both versions included for dynamic teaching.

Example Questions:

  • What country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?
  • Who wrote the famous Christmas song "Jingle Bells"?
  • In which modern-day country was Saint Nicholas born?


Engaging and Educational: This Christmas Trivia presentation is designed for fun and engaging learning experiences, suitable for classroom activities, remote learning sessions, or festive family gatherings at home. The questions are straightforward, reducing the need for additional guidance from teachers or parents.


Interactive Learning: Students can participate orally or use the provided response sheet to record their answers. This trivia not only educates but also enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, with a balanced mix of straightforward and thought-provoking questions.


Purchase the Christmas Trivia PowerPoint Today: Give your students an entertaining and informative way to celebrate the holiday season while learning!

Christmas Trivia - Elementary School - 2nd Grade & Up - POWERPOINT + PDF

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