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Give your students the power to read and write with ease using our carefully crafted Contractions Mastery Resource! This resource is a teacher's dream come true, with 16 fun-filled stories and interactive exercises focused on familiarizing primary school students with common contractions.


The engaging stories range from adventurous to quirky, each uniquely highlighting a specific contraction such as I'm, you're, she's, he's and more!


Key Features:

  • 51 Pages in total
  • 16 Engaging Stories: Each story focuses on a different contraction, providing a real-world application that helps students understand its use in a sentence context.
  • Reading and Inquiry Approach: Students find and count the occurrences of the highlighted contraction in each passage, promoting active learning and inquiry skills.
  • Comprehension Questions: Following each story, students answer comprehension questions that test their understanding of the text and the contraction.
  • Writing Practice: Students put their learning into action by creating their own sentences using the contraction, reinforcing their understanding and application of the concept.
  • Complete Package: This resource serves as a comprehensive tool for teaching contractions, combining reading, writing, comprehension, and practical application activities.
  • Flexible Usage: This resource can be utilized for guided reading, literacy centers, homework, or as an integral part of your language arts curriculum.


Included contractions:

  • I’m
  • You’re
  • He’s / she’s
  • It’s
  • We’re
  • They’re
  • Isn’t
  • Aren’t
  • Wasn’t
  • I’ll
  • Don’t / doesn’t / didn’t
  • Can’t couldn’t
  • Won’t / wouldn’t
  • I’ve
  • They’ve


Ensure your students can effortlessly navigate the world of contractions with our Contractions Mastery Resource. Simplifying the complex, making learning fun and effective - that's our promise to you.

Contraction Reading Passages

GST Included
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