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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and engage your students. A comprehensive resource designed specifically for teachers who want to use AI to help their students research and interview historical figures! These resources, easily guide your students through the research process and provide them with a unique learning experience that they will never forget.


AI can assume the identity of a historical person and your students can interview them virtually to develop their understandings.


For ANY HISTORICAL FIGURE! Students can talk to:

- Cleopatra

- George Washington

- Winston Churchill

- Martin Luther King Jr.

- Albert Einstein

- Rosa Parks

- Neil Armstrong

- Alexander the Great

- Jane Goodall




  • 16 templates to guide students
  • AI prompts for students
  • 2x detailed Lesson Plans to outline the process for teachers
  • Task descriptions
  • Reflection activities
  • Teacher and student rubric
  • 3x Going Further activities
  • For any year level, from elementary to high school


This product includes 2 sections:


Interviewing historical figures

  • Interview a historical figure using AI. AI can assume the point of view of the historical figure for students to interview virtually.
  • Included is a lesson plan planning templates, AI prompts, recording sheets and a reflection activity.


Researching historical figures

  • Research a historical figure using AI. AI can answer research questions to get direct answers and summaries on different aspects of a historical figure.
  • Included is a lesson plan, planning templates, AI prompts, recording sheets and a reflection activity.


Engage your students like never before and foster their curiosity and critical thinking skills. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to teaching, this resource is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the cutting-edge world of AI-powered research and learning.


Start revolutionizing the way you teach history today with this comprehensive teacher resource!

Interview a Historical Figure using AI & ChatGPT

GST Included
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