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Elevate grammar and vocabulary skills with our comprehensive "-less Suffix Learning Pack." Designed for middle and upper elementary students, this resource is perfect for classroom use, home learning, and targeted intervention. Dive into the world of suffixes to boost understanding and application in real-world situations.


It's ideal for explicit instruction, review sessions, and enhancing language arts curricula.



→ Reading Passage: An engaging reading passage that features a variety of "-less" words, providing a contextual foundation for understanding how this suffix signifies the absence or lack of the root word's quality. Students will navigate the passage to identify and engage with these meaningful terms.


→ Follow Up: A follow-up activity complements the reading, with comprehension questions that encourage students to recall details and draw inferences, ensuring they grasp the passage's core messages and the nuances of the vocabulary.


→ Worksheets: Two specialized "-less" worksheets aimed at reinforcing students' proficiency in word formation and usage. Activities include matching base words to their "-less" adjectives and crafting sentences, thereby bolstering both grammar and creative writing skills.


→ Teacher Guide: A detailed teacher guide and answer keys are provided, offering straightforward instructions, further insights, and simple assessment methods to track student progress.


→ Printable: All materials are presented in black and white (except for the cover) for easy printing and photocopying.


Perfect for:

  • Grammar and vocabulary development lessons
  • Reading and writing stations
  • Whole-class language instruction
  • Language arts enrichment
  • Remedial and intervention programs
  • Homework and self-study assignments


With our "-less Suffix Learning Pack," educators and parents have a valuable tool at their disposal to significantly enhance students' language comprehension and expressive capabilities, all while engaging them in enjoyable and impactful activities.

-LESS Suffix - Reading Passages & Follow Up Activities - Suffixes Worksheets

GST Included
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