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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and engage your students.


This resource provides teachers with lesson plans and prompts for students to research and role-play with AI.


Using prompts such as "I am a young pirate on a quest to find buried treasure" and "Can you please role-play with me," students will gather information and embark on an adventure with AI, practicing their communication and critical thinking skills.


Our product leverages the potential of AI, providing teachers with a resource of reading and questioning templates for role-play activities. These templates are designed to provoke thought, encourage conversation, and improve comprehension among students. The AI-generated scenarios and questions cover a wide range of topics, ensuring the inclusion of various interests and curriculums.



  • Desert Island - survive on a deserted island
  • Knights Quest - find a legendary sword
  • New Planet - discover a new planet
  • Pirate Adventure - find buried treasure
  • Superhero's Mission - defeat the villain, save the world
  • Temple Mystery - uncover a hidden temple
  • News Report - investigate a story (research only)
  • Animal Mystery - discover a mysterious animal (research only)



  • 8 scenarios
  • 30 templates to guide students
  • AI prompts for students
  • Detailed Lesson Plan to outline the process for teachers
  • Task descriptions
  • Reflection activities
  • Rubric
  • For any year level, from elementary to high school


Students must apply:

  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Questioning
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Research skills
  • Technology skills and AI skills


Benefits of Using AI in Role-play

  • Diverse Scenarios: With AI, you get a vast array of scenarios that can cater to different topics, making role-play activities more engaging and relevant.
  • Tailored Questions: The AI-generated questions encourage students to think critically, enhancing their understanding and retention of the subject matter.
  • Efficient Preparation: With ready-made templates, teachers can save time on planning and focus more on facilitating the role-play.


Engage your students like never before and foster their curiosity and critical thinking skills. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to teaching, this resource is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the cutting-edge world of AI-powered research and learning.


Start revolutionizing the way you engage students today with this comprehensive teacher resource!

Role Play using AI & ChatGPT

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