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Boost literacy with our engaging Short Vowel Phonics Passages. Ideal for 1st to 4th grade. Perfect for centersexplicit instructionintervention and revision. Includes follow up activities and comprehension questions.


Transform your reading centers and instruction with our Short Vowel Phonics Passages. Crafted for first through fourth graders, these materials are perfect for centers, direct teaching, interventions, and revision. Complete with follow-up activities and comprehension questions, they're designed to boost both reading and spelling skills in young learners.


Key Features:

  • Passages for Each Vowel: Discover fun and engaging stories tailored to each short vowel sound (A, E, I, O, U), designed to captivate students' interests.
  • Differentiated Levels: Cater to all learners with easy and challenging versions of each passage, ensuring personalized learning experiences.
  • Comprehensive Follow-Up: Enhance understanding with activities that reinforce phonics skills and comprehension, tailored to each story.
  • Answer Sheets Included: Quickly check students' work with included answer pages for each activity.
  • Printer-Friendly: Save on resources with materials designed for black-and-white printing, cover page excluded.
  • Covers All Short Vowels: Comprehensive coverage of all short vowel sounds to build a solid phonics foundation.


Ideal For:

  • Reading Centers and Rotations
  • Explicit Instruction and Whole Class Engagement
  • Decodable Phonics Programs
  • Revision and Reinforcement
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Homework and Practice Sessions


Tailored for Success: Specifically developed for readers who find reading and spelling short vowel sounds challenging, our passages provide the tools they need to succeed. Make reading a joy and spelling a breeze with our Short Vowel Phonics Passages. Start transforming your literacy instruction today!

Short Vowel Sounds - A E I O U Reading Phonics Passages + Follow Up Activities

GST Included
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