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How to Teach Predictions: A Comprehensive Guide for Boosting Comprehension Skills in the Classroom

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Encourage your students to take their next steps beyond a simple obvious prediction!

Sherbert Learning - making predictions differentiated reading passages

Boost your students' comprehension skills with our advanced teaching tool for predictions!

Teaching the concept of 'Making Predictions' is a crucial part of your curriculum and there are countless resources available. But it's more than just getting your students to predict outcomes. It's about honing their skills to delve deeper, utilize evidence from the text, and reflect on their predictions. This fosters higher-order thinking skills, a valuable asset for lifelong learning.

Finding resources that facilitate such depth of learning can be a challenge. Many available tools only scratch the surface, lacking the requirement for students to explain or reflect on their predictions. Recognizing this gap, we've created a unique, engaging resource that pushes your students to further exercise their predictive and analytical skills.

Our resource offers a two-sided story approach. The process begins with students reading one side of a story and making a prediction. But it doesn't stop there; they also have to explain their reasoning behind their predictions. The story continues on the other side, where students verify their predictions and reflect on their reasoning. The depth of students' responses far surpasses traditional one-dimensional responses, making their predictions, explanations, and reflections more impactful and insightful.

One of the standout features of our resource is its differentiated reading levels. This ensures all your students, regardless of their reading proficiency, can engage with the same story, further promoting inclusivity in your classroom.

Explore an example of the two-sided story approach by downloading a free sample HERE.

By incorporating our 'Making Predictions - Differentiated Passages' resource into your lesson plan, you can revolutionize the way your students make and evaluate predictions.

Here is an example of the two sides, to one story…

Embark on a journey of advanced learning and teaching predictions by checking out the

Making Predictions - Differentiated comprehension passages from Sherbert Learning

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