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Included in this prompt library are the following sections: General Use, Lesson & Unit Planning, Assessment, Differentiation, Feedback, Reports


Expand, Elaborate, Examples on...

Break down the essential steps for [Task or Topic]...

Help me think through one step at a time...

Generate alternative solutions...

Critically assess this scenario...

Develop a plan to implement...

Simplify complex information for...

Formulate strategies to improve...

Teach me about [Topic] as if I know nothing...

Brainstorm 10 examples of...

Design a solution for [classroom issue]...


Lesson Planning Prompts

"You are an expert in curriculum development. Your task is to develop a lesson plan for [Grade Level] on [Topic]. Ensure to include:

  • Clear learning objectives.

  • Detailed activities that engage students in learning.

  • Materials and resources required for the lesson.

  • Instructions for differentiating instruction to meet diverse learner needs.

  • Methods for integrating technology to enhance learning.

  • Strategies for assessing student understanding during and after the lesson.

  • Alignment with educational standards or frameworks.

  • Tips for managing classroom behavior during the activities.

  • Guidelines for providing feedback to students.

  • Suggestions for follow-up activities or extended learning opportunities."


Unit Planning Prompts

"You are an expert in curriculum design. Your task is to develop a unit plan for [Grade Level] on [Topic]. Ensure to include:

  • Comprehensive unit objectives that cover all necessary skills and knowledge.

  • A sequence of lessons that progressively build on each other.

  • A list of core materials and resources needed for the entire unit.

  • Differentiation strategies for addressing the needs of all students throughout the unit.

  • Technology integration across the unit to facilitate deeper understanding.

  • Assessment strategies for both formative and summative evaluations.

  • Alignment with national or state educational standards.

  • Classroom management strategies applicable throughout the unit.

  • Feedback mechanisms designed to inform students of their progress.

  • Extension activities that expand the learning beyond the classroom."


Examples of Specific Plans:

Lesson Plan Example:

  • "Develop a lesson plan for 3rd grade mathematics focusing on multiplication. Include visual aids, group activities, and interactive math games that align with Common Core standards. Plan for differentiated learning stations to cater to varying skill levels."

Unit Plan Example:

  • "Create a unit plan for high school English focusing on American literature. Outline a five-week program that includes readings, critical essays, and creative writing assignments. Incorporate digital literature analysis tools and plan for a culminating project that involves a student-led discussion on thematic connections across texts."

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Lesson & Unit Planning

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Assessment Prompts

"You are an expert in assessment. Your task is to develop an assessment (Type of Assessment) for [Grade Level] on [Topic]. Ensure to include:

  • A diverse set of question types that address all learning objectives.

  • Detailed instructions on how to administer and time the assessment.

  • Clear guidelines for interpreting the results to enhance instructional practices.

  • Alignment with educational standards or frameworks.

  • Adaptations for different learning needs.

  • Instructions for students on how to approach and complete the assessment.

  • Criteria for success clearly defined for each part of the assessment.

  • Rubrics or scoring guides for subjective responses.

  • Feedback mechanisms to provide constructive student feedback.

  • Security and integrity measures for maintaining the quality and fairness of the assessment."

Examples of Specific Prompts:

  • Multiple-Choice Quiz:

    • "Develop a multiple-choice quiz for 10th grade on World History. Ensure your quiz covers significant events from the curriculum, includes clear instructions for completion within a 45-minute period, and provides an answer key with explanations to facilitate learning and discussion."

  • Essay Assessment:

    • "Create an essay assessment for 12th grade English Literature focusing on Shakespeare's plays. Include prompts that require analysis of themes and characters, guidelines for a 90-minute writing session, and a rubric that details criteria for grading on argument clarity, evidence usage, and creativity."

Rubric Development Prompts

"You are an expert in assessment rubrics. Your task is to develop a rubric for [Type of Assignment] for [Grade Level] on [Topic]. Ensure to include:

  • Clear performance criteria.

  • Detailed descriptors for each performance level.

  • Alignment with educational standards or frameworks.

  • Adaptations for different learning needs.

  • Guidance on using the rubric.

  • Scoring system.

  • Feedback guidelines.

  • Examples of expected work.

  • Review and revision protocols.

  • Accessibility considerations."


Examples of Specific Rubrics:

  • Project-Based Rubric:

    • "Develop a rubric for evaluating a science fair project for 8th grade students studying environmental science. Ensure your rubric measures scientific method application, creativity, data analysis, and presentation skills, and is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards."

  • Oral Presentation Rubric:

    • "Create a rubric for assessing oral presentations in a 6th grade social studies class on ancient civilizations. The rubric should evaluate content accuracy, clarity of speech, use of visual aids, and engagement techniques."



Assessment & Rubrics

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Differentiation Planning Prompts

"You are an expert in educational differentiation. Your task is to develop strategies for [Grade Level] on [Topic]. Ensure to include:

  • Differentiated learning objectives that cater to varying skill levels and learning styles.

  • A variety of instructional methods to engage all students, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning preferences.

  • Adaptations of materials and resources to suit different learning abilities.

  • Options for tiered activities that allow students to work at different levels of complexity.

  • Strategies for using technology to provide personalized learning experiences.

  • Assessment modifications to fairly evaluate all students based on their capabilities.

  • Training tips for teaching assistants on how to implement differentiation in the classroom.

  • Guidelines for grouping students effectively to promote optimal learning outcomes.

  • Feedback techniques that are tailored to individual student needs and progress.

  • Plans for extension and enrichment activities that challenge advanced learners without overwhelming others."


Examples of Specific Differentiation Strategies:

Lesson Plan Differentiation Example:

  • "For a middle school science lesson on ecosystems, include hands-on experiments for tactile learners, detailed diagrams for visual learners, and recorded explanations for auditory learners. Provide options for students to demonstrate their understanding through written reports, oral presentations, or creative projects."

Unit Plan Differentiation Example:

  • "Design a unit plan for elementary school students on fractions. Integrate interactive software that adjusts the difficulty based on student responses, provide physical manipulatives for hands-on learning, and organize peer teaching sessions to reinforce concepts. Include a variety of assessment forms like quizzes, practical demonstrations, and peer reviews to accommodate different evaluation strengths."




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Feedback Prompt:

"You are an expert at giving feedback on [Topic]. Please analyze this student's work and provide feedback focusing on:"

  • Accuracy of content: Evaluate the correctness of information or calculations presented.

  • Clarity and structure: Assess how clearly and logically ideas are presented.

  • Depth of understanding: Determine the depth of insight and understanding demonstrated.

  • Creativity and originality: Comment on the creativity and originality of the responses or solutions.

  • Use of resources: Check how well external resources, tools, or references are integrated.

  • Compliance with guidelines: Ensure the work adheres to the given instructions or assignment criteria.

  • Suggestions for improvement: Provide actionable advice on how to enhance their work.

  • Grammar and style (for written work): Correct and suggest improvements on grammar and stylistic elements.

Example AI Prompt:

  • "You are an expert at giving feedback on historical essays. Please analyze this student's essay and provide feedback focusing on accuracy of historical facts, clarity and structure of the argument, depth of analysis, use of primary and secondary sources, adherence to the essay prompt, and grammar and style."




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Individual Report Comments

​​"You are an expert in providing personalized feedback for student reports. Analyze this student's overall performance this semester and generate a detailed comment that includes:"

  • Future recommendations: Offer suggestions for future focus areas or strategies for improvement.

  • Personal growth: Highlight any notable developments in the student's skills or attitudes.

  • Social interactions: Comment on how the student interacts with peers and teachers.

  • Engagement and participation: Reflect on the student’s participation in class activities.

  • Behavioral observations: Note any noteworthy behavior patterns that impact learning.

  • Academic performance: Discuss specific achievements and areas for improvement.

Example AI Prompt:

  • "Generate a detailed report comment for a student in the 8th-grade science class. This comment should address the student’s mastery of scientific concepts, participation in lab activities, teamwork during group projects, improvements made over the term, and suggestions for further enhancement in scientific studies."


Report Comment Bank

"You are tasked with creating a comment bank for [Subject/Grade Level] report cards. Develop a series of generic comments that can be tailored to individual student reports, focusing on:"

  • Positive reinforcement: Generate comments that positively reinforce good practices and achievements.

  • Constructive criticism: Develop constructive comments that encourage improvement.

  • Skill development: Create comments on the progression of specific skills.

  • Effort and engagement: Offer statements that reflect different degrees of student effort and class engagement.

  • Behavioral feedback: Include comments on behavior in different contexts.

  • Achievement levels: Provide phrases for varying levels of academic achievement.


Example AI Prompt:

  • "Develop a comment bank for 10th-grade mathematics report cards. Include comments that describe levels of understanding in algebra, geometry, and statistics, participation in problem-solving sessions, contributions to group work, areas needing reinforcement, and commendations for outstanding performances."




AI Prompt Reference Cheat Sheet

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