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ChatGPT is the new frontier! Using AI can help you spark creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity in your classroom. But most of all, ChatGPT can SAVE YOUR TIME!


But where do you begin? That's where this product comes in. This resource is designed to help teachers make the most out of ChatGPT by providing a comprehensive guide on how use it in all aspects of your professional life.


Included are tips and prompts for:

  • Lesson Planning

  • Differentiation

  • Assessment

  • Feedback

  • Report Comments

  • Classroom Management

  • Parent Communication

  • Generating examples

  • Rubrics - full guide on making effective rubrics


How will this product help you?

  • Includes a comprehensive How to Guide (perfect if you don't know where to start)

  • Best practice examples

  • Over 100 ChatGPT prompts you can put straight into the platform

  • Cheat sheets - perfect summaries print as have handy for reference

  • Style and tone guide

  • Lesson plans to include your students


ChatGPT can revolutionize your classroom. Your students and families will thank you for it!


Can be used to junior, senior and high school teachers.

AI Artificial Intelligence + ChatGPT - HOW TO GUIDE - Ideas Resources Prompts

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