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Enhance literacy skills and engagement in your classroom with our engaging ANT, ANCE & ENT, ENCE Passages & Worksheets. Tailored for junior and middle years students, this tool is perfect for reading centers, explicit instruction, interventions, and even as a fun homework activity. Designed to make learning these complex spelling patterns enjoyable and effective, our resource supports both teachers and students in fostering a deeper understanding of language structure.


Key Features:

  • Engaging Stories: Each passage focuses on ANT, ANCE, ENT, ENCE spelling patterns, presented through fun and quirky stories that capture students' interest.

  • Comprehensive Activity Sheets: Reinforce learning with matching activity sheets that include comprehension questions, ensuring students not only recognize but also understand the use of each spelling pattern.

  • Revision Word Sorts: Includes 4x word sorts for thorough revision and reinforcement, helping solidify understanding and improve recall.

  • Interactive Root Word Activity: Engage students further with a "Missing Word" activity that challenges them to apply their knowledge by adding the correct root word or suffix.

  • Answer Keys Included: Facilitate ease of teaching and self-assessment with provided answer keys for all activities.


Structured for Easy Use in Various Learning Environments:

  • Reading Passages: Students are tasked to read through passages, identify key spelling patterns, and complete exercises that include listing identified words, answering questions, constructing sentences, and demonstrating comprehension through illustrations.

  • Ideal for Multiple Educational Settings: Whether used in small groups, as part of class activities, or for individual practice, this resource adapts to various teaching strategies.


Ideal For:

  • Reading Centers / Rotations

  • Explicit Instruction and Whole Class Engagement

  • Decodable Phonics Programs

  • Revision and Reinforcement

  • Intervention Strategies

  • Homework and Practice Programs


Who Can Benefit?

  • Perfect for Diverse Learning Needs: This resource aids students who struggle with these particular spelling patterns, providing them with the necessary practice to enhance their reading and writing skills.

  • Designed for Broad Application: Useful for anyone looking to enrich their language arts curriculum with focused, engaging materials that promote linguistic competence and confidence.


Empower your students with the foundational skills needed in literacy through the structured, interactive practice provided by our ANT, ANCE & ENT, ENCE resource. It’s an essential addition to your educational toolkit, perfect for both classroom learning and home practice.

ANT ANCE & ENT ENCE - Reading Passage & Follow Up Worksheets + Word Sorts

GST Included
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