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Dive into the future of technology with our "AI Projects" a comprehensive resource designed to unleash the innovative potential of students in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Without the need for direct AI access, this series provides a versatile approach to learning, empowering students to critically analyze, ethically evaluate, and creatively present AI’s role in various domains.


What is it?

Each project in this series engages students in identifying an area where AI is making an impact, researching and exploring this area, considering ethical implications, and presenting their findings and proposals in a thoughtful and compelling manner. Each project is different and students will demonstrate their learning and understandings in a variety of formats.


Key Features:

  • Teacher Guides: Detailed instructions to help you steer your students' learning experiences effectively.
  • Student Overviews: Clear, engaging summaries that outline the goals and expectations for each project.
  • Project Workbooks/Worksheets: Interactive materials for students to document their research, ideas, ethical considerations and reflections.
  • Assessment Rubric: Criteria-based tools to objectively evaluate student work and progress.
  • Introduction Slides for Teachers: Ready-to-use slides for an engaging classroom introduction to each project.


Outline of the 3 AI Projects:

1. Impact of AI:

  • Objective: To understand and analyze how AI is currently changing various sectors and to predict its future effects.
  • Activities: Researching AI advancements, identifying benefits and challenges, considering ethical dilemmas.
  • Student Project: A comprehensive report or presentation on AI’s impact on a chosen domain.


2. Future of AI:

  • Objective: To creatively forecast the development of AI and its potential societal transformations.
  • Activities: Imagining future AI scenarios, creating models or digital artwork, writing blog posts, recording podcasts, or developing simulations.
  • Student Project: A creative project that represents the student's vision of AI's future, complete with an analysis of ethical considerations.


3. AI Project (AI Innovators):

  • Objective: To propose an AI-based solution to a real-world problem by integrating creativity with AI knowledge.
  • Activities: Identifying a problem, designing an AI solution, conducting research, and developing a project proposal that includes ethical insights.
  • Student Project: A detailed project proposal for an AI solution, including its function, the data it would use, and how it addresses ethical issues.


These AI Exploration Projects are meticulously crafted to spark imagination, foster critical thinking, and navigate the ethical landscapes of tomorrow's technology. Take the first step in shaping your students into visionary thinkers and ethical innovators — add this invaluable resource to your teaching toolkit today!

Artificial Intelligence AI Projects - Inquiry-Based Learning Investigations Unit

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