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Introduce your students to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with this comprehensive resource! Designed to accommodate diverse learning needs, this product includes five differentiated reading passages, each accompanied by a comprehension worksheet.


Ideal for middle and upper elementary. Differentiated versions ensure you can use with a range of readers.


Topics Covered:

  • What is AI? - Explore the basics of AI and its applications.

  • History of AI - Learn about the evolution of AI technology over time.

  • Ethics of AI - Examine ethical considerations related to AI development and use.

  • Creativity & AI - Discover how AI contributes to creative fields like art, music, and literature.

  • AI & Self-Driving Cars - Delve into the technology behind autonomous vehicles and their impact on transportation.


⭐ Features:

  • Two versions of each passage (easy and hard) for differentiation.

  • Comprehension worksheets for each passage to assess understanding.

  • Teacher guide with background information on AI and suggested teaching strategies.


Educational Objectives:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of AI concepts.

  • Practice reading comprehension skills.

  • Explore ethical implications and societal impacts of AI.

  • Foster creativity and critical thinking.

  • Understand the technology behind self-driving cars.


This product is perfect for upper elementary and middle school classrooms. Whether you're teaching in-person or remotely, engage your students with these informative passages and spark their curiosity about the future of technology!

Artificial Intelligence AI Reading Passages - DIFFERENTIATED - Upper Elementary

GST Included
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