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Unleash creativity with our Class Newspaper Pack! Engage students in writing with resources for any type of article. Includes planning documentsarticle templates, and more! PDF and Editable


Have fun creating a class newspaper and get students engaged and excited about their writing!


→ Templates require students to research, plan and write a variety of articles

→ Planning and researching documents encourages students to identify the main facts.

→ Class jobs for distributing and descriptions

→ 19 article templates

→ 8 different planning and drafting pages, each supporting the different job

→ Editable - edit and change newspaper templates as needed

→ Student choice - lots of variety!


Jobs included are

- Events and News

- Sports

- Lifestyle

- Advice Column

- Editorials

- Cartoons

Create a Class Newspaper - factual and report writing - EDITABLE templates

GST Included
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