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Fun and engaging design and research project on Antarctica or the Arctic.


• Mapping and design

• Budgeting

• Measurement

• Researching

• Advertising

• Geography


Immerse and engage students in designing and planning for either the Antarctic or an Arctic camp.


Perfect for units exploring these extreme environments. The unit perfectly integrates maths (measurement and budgeting), science and geology (Arctic or Antarctic) in a fun and long-term research and design project.



To begin, students will explore why scientists live in these areas and what they are researching. They can explore the location features, climate, animal and plant life and more.


Base Details

Students will need to select an area in Antarctica or the Arctic to put their base camp and then research the conditions and describe the area.


Designing the base

Students can enjoy designing the birds eye plan of their base. They will need to select a range of buildings, including accommodation, essential services, storage buildings, scientific buildings and more to create a functional, well-resourced base.



You may wish to set a budget for students to work with when designing their base and selecting their buildings.


Students may work with a set number of people living on the camp to further extend their calculations and planning.

Design a Polar Base Camp - Arctic or Antarctic

GST Included
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