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Join the fun with Case File 1: The Missing Parrot! Let your kids solve a fun mystery by applying their reading and comprehension skills in a meaningful way. Inference, Prediction, Summarize and Find Information. Ideal for 1st to 5th grade. Perfect for explicit teaching, revision, and more!


★ ★ Case File 1 - Case of the Missing Parrot! ★ ★


In the story, Jonathan returns home from school to find his pet parrot 'Neddy' is missing. Follow the trail of clues to help Jonathan save Neddy!


Comprehension skills included:

  • Collecting the facts
  • Making inferences
  • Making and explaining predictions
  • Summarizing information


Can be used in a range of ways - as a reading unit, over a week, to support explicit teaching, as revision, in reading rotations/groups, homework / digital learning pack


→ The story is comprised of 4 parts.

→ After each part, students complete the activity pages

→ Activities require students to summarize, locate information, predict and explain their predictions.

→ Included is also a contract and instructions for the students to read and then sign – which they love!


Check out the reviews to see how much students love this mystery!!

Detective Reading - Case of the Missing Parrot

GST Included
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