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Sharpen editing skills with our practice activities! Ideal for 1st to 4th grade. Perfect for writinggrammar & spelling. Includes 35 worksheets for punctuationtense, and more!


Worksheets are intended to get progressively harder for students to apply a range of editing skills and spelling/grammatical knowledge.


→ 35 editing pages

→ Depersonalised editing practice for students to develop their editing skills

→ Variety of activities with different focuses

→ Universal font for any classroom


Targets two types of editing skills

• To identify and correct errors.

• To elaborate and make improvements.


Students must correct

• Punctuation

• Capitalisation

• A range of spelling rules - eg. plurals, contractions

• Tense


Students also must improve and elaborate simple sentences or paragraphs. These sheets can be used to explore adjectives and description, sequencing/transitional words, writing in detail etc.

Editing / Revising / Proofreading Practice - corrections & improvements NO PREP

GST Included
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