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Sharpen your editing skills with our practice activities! Ideal for 1st to 4th graders, perfect for enhancing writing, grammar, and spelling. Includes 35 worksheets focused on punctuation, tense, and more!


These worksheets are designed to progressively challenge students, allowing them to apply a wide range of editing skills and spelling/grammatical knowledge.



→ 35 editing pages

→ Depersonalized editing practice enables students to develop their editing skills

→ A variety of activities with different focuses

→ Universal font suitable for any classroom

→ Black and white


Targets two types of editing skills:

• Identifying and correcting errors.

• Elaborating and making improvements.


Students are required to correct:

• Punctuation

• Capitalization

• A range of spelling rules - e.g., plurals, contractions

• Tense

• Meaning

• And also revise to make improvements.


Additionally, students must enhance and elaborate on simple sentences or paragraphs. These sheets are an excellent tool for exploring the use of adjectives and descriptions, sequencing/transitional words, and writing in detail, among others.

Editing / Revising / Proofreading Practice - corrections & improvements NO PREP

GST Included
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