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Sharpen editing skills with our Task Cards and Worksheets! Ideal for 1st to 4th grade. Features 25 passages to edit for capitalizationpunctuationspellinghomophones and tense.


→ 25 editing passages

→ Worksheet per focus

→ Tasks Cards per focus

→ Depersonalised editing practice for students to develop their editing skills

→ Variety of activities with different focuses

→ Activities are easily coded for your use

→ Universal font for any classroom


Editing focuses included are:

- Capitals

- Punctuation

- Spelling

- Homophones

- Tense


Looking for a fun and interactive way to help your students sharpen their editing skills? Look no further than these Editing Task Cards and Worksheets.


This comprehensive set includes a variety of activities that cover capitalization, punctuation, homophones, and more. The task cards and worksheets are designed to be engaging and challenging, helping students develop a keen eye for detail and a strong grasp of grammar and mechanics.


Whether you're a teacher looking for classroom materials or a homeschooling parent in search of educational resources, these Editing Task Cards and Worksheets are sure to be a valuable addition to your toolkit. So why wait?

Editing Task Cards & Worksheets - Capitalization, Punctuation, Homophones + more

GST Included
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