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Boost literacy with our engaging EL, AL and LE Phonics Passages. Ideal for 2nd to 5th grade. Perfect for centersexplicit instructionintervention and revision. Includes funny passagefollow up activities,comprehension questions and word work.



  • 3 Passages: Engaging and imaginative stories focusing on the spelling endings "le," "el," and "al."
  • 1x Revision Passage: A comprehensive review passage that combines "le," "el," and "al" words, challenging students to identify and sort the words they discover.
  • Worksheets: Each passage comes with a matching activity sheet that includes comprehension questions designed to enhance understanding and retention of the spelling rules.
  • 4x Word Sorts: Word sorts to focus on each variation, perfect for revision.
  • Teacher Guide: Provides a detailed explanation of the product and instructional tips on teaching the spelling rules for "le," "el," and "al."
  • Answers Included: Complete answers for all activities to facilitate easy grading and feedback.



Students read through the passage to find EL AL LE spelling pattern. Students then complete the supporting page to list the words they identified, answer the comprehension questions, use them in a sentence and then show they have comprehended the text by drawing a picture. Included is also a revision reading passage, where students must find all three variations.



This component of the product includes four distinct word sorts, each designed to focus on different combinations of the spelling endings "le," "el," and "al." The specific sorts are:

  • EL/LE Sort: Students categorize words to differentiate between "el" and "le" endings.
  • EL/AL Sort: This sort helps students distinguish between words ending in "el" and those ending in "al."
  • LE/AL Sort: Focuses on separating words ending in "le" from those ending in "al."
  • EL/LE/AL Sort: A comprehensive sort where students must identify and categorize words ending in all three patterns: "el," "le," and "al."


These activities are designed to enhance students’ understanding of these phonetic patterns through focused, hands-on sorting tasks. Each sort is tailored to accommodate different learning levels, making them perfect for revision and reinforcing the spelling rules.

EL AL LE - Reading Passages & Follow Up Worksheets + Revision Word Sorts NO PREP

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