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Ideal for students in 1st to 4th grade, this resource is expertly designed for use in reading centers, during explicit instruction, for intervention, revision, and even as part of homework programs. Tailored to support both reading and spelling skills, it is especially beneficial for students who face challenges with end trigraphs.


What’s Included in the Phonics Passages Pack:

  • Engaging and Imaginative Stories: Each story features a specific end trigraph (ear, air, ure, igh, tch), making learning engaging and fun.
  • Coordinated Comprehension and Phonics Activity Sheets: These are designed to reinforce the phonics concepts introduced in the stories.
  • Complete Answer Keys: Provided for all activities to facilitate easy correction and discussion.
  • Word Work:
    • Matching Game: Students match the end trigraph with its corresponding beginning, enhancing their phonemic awareness and decoding skills. This game is ideal for students needing extra phonetic practice.
    • Fill in the Trigraph Game: Students complete words by filling in the correct end trigraph. Designed to be laminated for use with whiteboard markers, this game increases in difficulty, promoting critical thinking and phonics application.
  • Printer Friendly - All passages and follow up activities are print-friendly in black and white to save on ink. Word Work game is color.


End Trigraphs Covered:

  • ear
  • air
  • ure
  • igh
  • tch


Ideal For:

  • Reading Centers/Rotations
  • Explicit Instruction and Whole Class Engagements
  • Decodable Phonics Programs
  • Revision and Reinforcement
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Homework Assignments


By incorporating these fun and educational activities, our End Trigraph Phonics Kit, including the integral Match Card Game, makes learning enjoyable and effective. Equip your classroom with this essential tool to comprehensively boost your students' literacy skills!

End Trigraph Phonics Stories + Follow Up Activities - ear, air, ure, igh, tch

GST Included
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