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Dive into the ethical landscapes of artificial intelligence with our "Ethics in AI" resource, a comprehensive toolkit designed to help students navigate the complex moral terrain of modern technology. Perfect for MIDDLE + HIGH SCHOOL! Includes worksheets, teacher guides, projects, rubrics and introduction slides!




What is it?

Each activity in this series engages students in exploring the ethical implications of AI, considering diverse scenarios, and presenting their reflections and solutions thoughtfully and compellingly. Students will demonstrate their learning and understanding through various formats, promoting a deep and nuanced grasp of AI ethics.


Key Features:

  • Teacher Guides: Detailed instructions to help you guide your students' learning experiences effectively.

  • Student Overviews: Clear, engaging summaries that outline the goals and expectations for each activity.

  • Worksheets: Interactive materials for students to document their research, ideas, ethical considerations, and reflections.

  • Assessment Rubric: Criteria-based tools to objectively evaluate student work and progress.

  • Introduction Slides for Teachers: Ready-to-use slides for an engaging classroom introduction to each activity.

  • Student Projects: Two project options for students to apply their understanding:

  • Research Project: Investigate the ethics of AI in a specific field like education or healthcare.

  • Creative Project: Create a project to inform others about ethical AI usage.


Resources Included:

  • Teacher Guide

  • Understanding Ethics activities

  • The Ethics of AI activities

  • Ethics & Academics activities and project

  • Ethical Scenarios activities

  • Ethics Projects (Research Project and Creative Project)

  • Assessment Rubrics

  • Introduction Slides


Ethical Concepts Covered:

  • Bias and Fairness

  • Privacy

  • Accountability

  • Impact on Employment

  • Safety

  • Transparency

  • Inclusivity

  • Environmental Impact

  • Human-AI Interaction

  • Control and Autonomy


These Ethics in AI activities are meticulously crafted to spark imagination, foster critical thinking, and navigate the ethical landscapes of tomorrow's technology.


Take the first step in shaping your students into ethical innovators and visionary thinkers — add this invaluable resource to your teaching toolkit today!

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence AI - Unit of Learning - Worksheets, Projects +

GST Included
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