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Elevate your math curriculum with our Fraction Task Cards and Worksheets! Designed for a broad range of grade levels, this comprehensive resource contains 77 engaging worded questions across 35 pages, making it an ideal tool for learning centers, explicit instruction, intervention, review, and even homework. Tailored for both teachers and students, this product ensures a thorough and enjoyable learning experience focused on mastering key fraction concepts.



  • Diverse Formats:

  • Task Cards: Perfect for small group activities, stations, or quick assessments.

  • Worksheets: Ideal for individual practice, homework, or as a more structured activity during class.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Explore a variety of fraction topics including proper fractions, fractions of a group, equivalent fractions, and applying fractions.

  • Engaging Worded Problems: Each question is designed to stimulate critical thinking and practical application of fractions.

  • Complete Answer Key: Answers are provided for all questions, making it easy for both teachers and students to check accuracy and understand methods.

  • Print-Friendly Design: All materials are provided in a format that is easy to print, saving you preparation time and resources.



  • Simple Fractions

  • Complex Fractions

  • Equivalent Fractions

  • Application of Fractions



  • Learning Centers and Math Stations

  • Individual or Group Activities

  • Classroom Lessons and Practice

  • Intervention and Support

  • Assessment and Review


Who Can Benefit?

This resource is particularly beneficial for students needing solid foundation and practice in understanding fractions. It's designed to help students grasp complex concepts through incremental challenge and practice, building confidence and proficiency in their math skills.


Empower your students with the Fraction Task Cards and Worksheets, and watch as they develop essential skills in fraction mathematics. Whether for classroom instruction or at-home practice, this resource is an invaluable addition to your educational toolkit.

Fraction Worded Problems - TASK CARDS + WORKSHEETS - Naming, Equivalent +MORE

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