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Boost your students' understanding of common homophones with our Homophones Match Memory Game. Perfectly suited for grammar, word work, or spelling programs, this resource features 76 easy-to-laminate cards, including 38 homophone pairs, each illustrated and contextualized in a sentence. Ideal for reading centers and revision.


This engaging educational tool aids in mastering homophones like 'hair & hare', 'son & sun', and 'write & right' while providing a fun and interactive learning experience.

Homophone cards for matching or playing a memory game.



→ 76 cards in total - 38 Homophones to match

→ Each homophone card includes the word in a sentence and picture

→ Includes common homophones

→ Color pages and Black/White version

→ Easy to laminate


Common Homophones included:

  • hair & hare

  • son & sun

  • mail & male

  • hear & here

  • deer & dear

  • hole & whole

  • one & won

  • write & right

  • know & no

  • would & wood


Homophone Match - Memory Game

GST Included
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