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Step into the wild with "Create an Animal", a captivating blend of animal science and creative writing units for your budding naturalists! It's a unique resource tailored to stimulate the imagination and develop descriptive and narrative writing skills in children at all learning levels.


A perfect integration into any animal science or creative writing curriculum, "Create an Animal" encourages your students to conceptualize and study their very own imagined creature.


They'll explore every aspect of their unique animal, including:

  • General Description
  • Sketch of the Animal
  • Unique Animal Features
  • Habitat
  • Diet and Eating Habits
  • Life Cycle
  • Important Facts
  • Comprehensive Animal Report Summary


Ranger's Logbook

Beyond creating their own animal, students get to chronicle an exciting adventure in the shoes of a daring ranger. The Ranger’s Logbook feature allows for immersive storytelling, where students craft a story about their first discovery of the animal from the ranger's perspective.


Take your students' creative writing on a thrilling journey into the wild. Start the "Create an Animal" adventure today!

GST Included
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