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Introduce your students to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence with our 'Introduction to AI'. Ideal for 5th grade and up This comprehensive educational unit is designed to provide a deep-dive into AI, its history, applications, and ethical implications, with a special focus on the AI language model, ChatGPT.


Our unit is an interactive journey that begins with the basics of AI and its role in today's society. Students will get hands-on experience with ChatGPT, exploring its capabilities and applications. They will reflect on the AI technologies already present in their lives and trace the historical development of AI, highlighting key milestones and significant figures in the field.


Key Features of the Unit:

  • 5th grade and up: included are differentiated options to adjust for your grade level. Ideal for Middle school and High school students.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Guide: Provides background information on AI, ChatGPT, and ethical implications of AI.
  • What is AI: An introductory activity where students define AI, list examples, key terms and explore benefits and potential challenges.
  • Understanding ChatGPT: Hands-on activities to explore and interact with ChatGPT.
  • AI in Everyday Life: Reflection activities on the presence and impact of AI in daily life.
  • History of AI: A timeline activity to trace the historical development of AI and a AI Significant Figures activity to explore the people responsible for advancing the technology.
  • Engaging with AI: Interactive AI experiences for students.
  • Reflection: Activities to reflect on their experience with AI.
  • Ethics of AI: Scenarios and discussions on privacy, bias, fairness, accountability, and responsible use of AI technology. This activity has differentiated options.


End Projects

The end projects offer students an opportunity to delve deeper into specific areas of AI. These 3x projects are designed for students to apply their knowledge and extend themselves. Assess the end projects based on the provided rubrics or adapt them to align with your own grading criteria.


Included projects:

  • Impact of AI: Challenges students to research and present the impact of AI on a specific domain, considering ethical implications, benefits, and challenges.
  • Future of AI: Encourages students to envision and share their creative ideas on the future of AI, exploring its potential benefits and ethical dilemmas.
  • AI Project Proposal: Guides students to develop a proposal for an AI project addressing a real-world problem, focusing on ethical considerations, methodologies, and potential benefits.


This resource is perfect for educators looking to integrate AI education into their curriculum, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and ethical awareness in their students.


Equip your students for the future with 'Introduction to AI.'

Introduction to AI - Unit of Learning - Build your Students' AI & ChatGPT Skills

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