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Foster Deep Discussions with Our Literature Circle / Reciprocal Reading Role Slips!


These prompts stimulate thought, prepare students for sharing, and create richer group interactions. The pack includes roles such as summarizer, predictor, clarifier, questioner, and more, designed to enhance the learning experience.


Literature Circle / Reciprocal Reading Role Slips!


Looking to run literature circles or reciprocal reading sessions with your students and encourage deep discussion?


These activity slips are designed to:

  • Prompt student thinking,
  • Prepare students with ideas to share before the discussion, and
  • Generate better and deeper discussions every time!


These slips are intended to be cut up, placed into student-guided reading books (can replace a bookmark), and completed by students before the teacher groups them during "read to self" time.


Full-page versions are also included for comprehensive coverage of each role.


Included Roles in the Pack:

  • The Summarizer
  • The Predictor
  • The Clarifier
  • The Word Wizard
  • The Questioner
  • The Boss
  • The Illustrator
  • The Connector
  • The Inferrer
  • The Passage Picker
  • The Synthesizer
  • The Evaluator


Key Features:

  • 27 Pages in Total: A comprehensive set providing everything you need for effective reciprocal reading and literature circles.
  • 12 Roles in Total: A diverse range of roles including both traditional and extension roles to cater to different learning styles and objectives.
  • Helpful Prompts: Each bookmark/response sheet includes helpful prompts to guide student thinking and discussion.
  • Black and White for Easy Printing: Designed for cost-effective printing, making it accessible for every classroom.


These slips are not only a tool for improving reading comprehension and analytical skills but also for fostering a love for literature and collaborative learning among students.

Literature Circle - Reciprocal Reading - Bookmarks + Response Sheets - BOOK CLUB

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