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Unlock the potential of Long E vowels with our meticulously designed phonics resource, crafted to enhance literacy skills from 1st to 4th grade. This exceptional product provides an engaging and effective approach to mastering various Long E sounds, ensuring a deeper understanding and application.


Included Long E Sounds:

  • e (ego)
  • e-e (these)
  • ea (eat)
  • ee (bee)
  • y (any)
  • All combined for comprehensive revision practice


Key Features:

  • 6 Phonics Passages: One for each Long E spelling pattern, plus a revision passage to reinforce learning.
  • Interactive Follow-Up Activities: Each passage comes with a matching activity sheet to ensure comprehension and retention.
  • 6 Board Games: Designed to make learning fun and interactive.
  • Answer Pages Included: Allows for easy assessment and feedback.
  • All Black and White: Easy on printer ink, with a vibrant cover page to attract young learners.
  • Ideal for 1st to 4th Grade



Each story in our Long E Vowel Stories Pack is uniquely crafted to be both fun and educational, offering quirky narratives that highlight each spelling pattern. Accompanied by tailored activity sheets and comprehensive answer pages, these stories are perfect for reading centers, whole class instruction, and effective intervention tools.


Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Quirky stories meticulously designed for each long E spelling pattern.
  • A dedicated passage for every variation of long E sound.
  • Matching activity sheets to reinforce understanding.
  • Answer pages provided for seamless self-assessment.



Our Long E Vowel Board Games go beyond mere entertainment—they are strategic reading and word work activities that make learning Long E vowels an enjoyable experience. Each game targets a specific spelling pattern, encouraging players to read aloud and identify words, enhancing both reading and spelling skills.


Here’s what makes our board games a must-have:

  • 6 distinct board games for each long E vowel pattern, plus a revision sheet.
  • Designed for easy integration into reading groups or rotations.
  • Players must read aloud the word they land on and identify the base word in the grid—a perfect blend of literacy and fun!
  • Simple gameplay suitable for all ages, fostering independent play and learning.
  • Roll the dice, move your token, and let the adventure begin!



  • Roll the dice and advance your token along the path.
  • Read aloud the word you land on and locate it in the grid.
  • Use counters to mark claimed words, with each player using different colored counters.
  • Bonus rolls for smiley faces; lose a turn for sad faces.
  • Continue playing until all words are claimed or time expires.
  • Winner: The player with the most counters or the best strategy wins.


Perfect for:

  • Reading Centers / Rotations
  • Explicit instruction and whole class
  • Decodable Phonics programs
  • Revision
  • Intervention
  • Homework programs


Elevate your phonics instruction with our comprehensive Long E Phonics Passages—your essential tool for literacy success!

Long E Vowel Sounds - PHONICS - Reading Passages & Board Gam - E E-E EA EE Y

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