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Boost literacy with our engaging Long U Phonics Passages. Ideal for 1st to 4th grade. Perfect for centersexplicit instructionintervention and revision. Includes follow up activities and comprehension questions.


→ Fun and quirky stories for each spelling pattern

→ Passage for each spelling pattern for long U. Note the ue and ew are combined.

→ Matching activity sheet

→ Answer pages included and pages

→ All black and white (apart from the cover page)


Included long U spelling patterns:

•u (unicorn)

•u-e (cube)

•Combined - ue (due) and ew (stew)

•All combined for revision practice


Perfect for:

  • Reading Centers / Rotations
  • Explicit instruction and whole class
  • Decodable Phonics programs
  • Revision
  • Intervention
  • Homework programs

Long U Vowel Sounds - Reading Passages for Phonics Practice! - u, u-e, ue, ew

GST Included
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