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Elevate literacy and engagement in your classroom with our comprehensive Magic E / Bossy E / Split Digraph Practice kit. Designed for junior and middle year students, this resource is the perfect tool for reading centers, explicit instruction, revision, intervention, and even homework programs. Crafted with both teachers and students in mind, our kit ensures a fun and effective learning experience focused on mastering the Magic E spelling pattern.



  • Fun and Quirky Stories: Explore each long vowel sound through six engaging and quirky stories, making learning enjoyable and memorable for students.

  • Matching Follow-Up Worksheets: Each reading passage is paired with a worksheet designed to reinforce understanding and application of the Magic E rule.

  • Revision Word Sorts: Includes two comprehensive word sorts to solidify understanding and recall of the silent E spelling patterns.

  • Word Work Cards: 40 word work matching cards encourage hands-on learning, allowing students to form and practice Magic E words.

  • Print-Friendly Design: All materials (except the cover page) are provided in black and white to facilitate easy printing and photocopying.


Magic E / Bossy E / Split Digraphs Covered:

  • A-E (example: cake)

  • E-E (example: theme)

  • I-E (example: kite)

  • O-E (example: bone)

  • U-E (example: flute)


Ideal For:

  • Reading Centers / Rotations

  • Explicit Instruction and Whole Class Engagement

  • Revision and Reinforcement

  • Intervention Strategies

  • Homework and Practice Programs


Who Can Benefit?

This resource is especially beneficial for students who struggle with reading and spelling Magic E / Bossy E / Split Digraphs. It's designed to provide them with the practice and support needed to overcome these hurdles and build confidence in

their literacy skills.


Empower your students with the tools to succeed in literacy through the engaging, structured practice provided by our Magic E / Bossy E / Split Digraph Practice kit. Whether for in-class learning or at-home reinforcement, this resource is an invaluable addition to your educational toolkit.

Magic E - Bossy E - Split Digraph - Reading Passages + Worksheets + Word Work

GST Included
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