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Supercharge reading skills with Prefix & Suffix Board Games! Fun and easy to play. Includes un re dis less ly ful + REVISION Perfect for centersexplicit instructionintervention and revision. Ideal for K to 3rd grade.


Prefix and Suffix Board Games - Reading and Word Work Activities!


Fun and easy board games perfect reading groups and work work focusing on prefix and suffixes!


→ Includes un re dis less ly ful + REVISION

→ 8 board games for prefix and suffix revision. Easy reading groups or rotation activity.

→ Children must read the word they land on and then identify the base word again in the word grid.

→ Great opportunity for students to learn and revise prefixes and suffixes!

→ They are very easy board games, easy enough for children of all ages to follow and play independently.


How to play:

  • Roll dice and move your token along the path.
  • When a player lands on a word they must read it aloud and then find that prefix or suffix in the middle grid. They then put a counter on their word in the grid. Each player should use different colored counters.
  • If you land on a smiley face, you may roll again. If you land on a sad face, you lose a turn.
  • Players take it in turns playing until all words in the middle grid are taken.
  • Winner is the player with the most counters on words at the end.

Prefix and Suffix Board Games

GST Included
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