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Boost learning with our Prefix and Suffix matching game! Features 38 prefixes & suffixes, with root words and definitions. Ideal for 1st to 4th grade. Perfect for reading centers and word work to complement your grammar program.


Students will love the challenge to match all suffixes and prefixes. Cards look amazing laminated and are a must-have for any grammar rich classroom!


Easy to play, easy to make!



→ 50 Cards - prefixes and suffixes cards in total

→ Easy Printing - 2 puzzles to a page

→ Response Page - perfect for extension or early finishers

→ Easy to Play - Supporting pictures and definitions

→ Word Work - Students can play as a memory game or as a simple matching game


Suffixes included:

  • ing

  • ful

  • able

  • en

  • ness

  • less

  • est

  • tri

  • pre

  • sub


Prefixes included:

  • un

  • re

  • dis

  • tri

  • pre

  • mis

  • im

  • ship

  • ment

  • ly


Students must match a suffix or prefix with a root word AND definition. Useful for early prefix and suffix word exposure.

Prefixes & Suffixes Matching Game - Word Work Activity + Response Worksheet

GST Included
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