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Enhance reading skills with our Sight Word Board Games! Designed for K to 3rd grades, these 16 games cover the first 400 Fry sight words. Perfect for reading groups and rotations. Players read and identify words in a grid, reinforcing sight word recognition. Easy and independent play for all ages!


Fun and easy board games for Kindergarten to grade 2 or 3.



→ 16 board games in total covering all first 400 Fry sight words.

→ Easy reading groups or rotation activity.

→ Children must read the word they land on and then identify it in a word grid. Useful to develop their reading of sight words!

→ They are very easy board games, easy enough for children of all ages to follow and play independently…


How to play:

1. Roll dice and move your token along the path.

2. When a player lands on a word they must read it aloud and then

find that blend in the middle grid. They then put a counter on their

word in the grid. Each player should use different colored counters.

3. Players take it in turns playing until all words in the middle grid are


4. Winner is the player with the most counters on words at the end.

Sight Word Board Games - First 400 Fry Words

GST Included
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