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Unlock the secrets of English spelling with our comprehensive Silent Letters Bundle, an essential tool for educators aiming to enhance literacy skills among junior and middle year students! Delve into the fascinating world of silent letters—B, C, D, H, K, L, T—with our meticulously crafted Reading Passages and Word Work Game, designed to make learning engaging and effective.


Ideal for 2nd to 5th grade. Perfect for centersexplicit instructionintervention and revision. Includes funny passagefollow up activities and comprehension questions.



  • 7 Passages: Includes fun and quirky stories for each of the silent letters (B, C, D, H, K, L, T), specifically designed to engage students and enhance their understanding of these unique spelling components.
  • Worksheets: Each story is accompanied by a matching activity worksheet that includes comprehension questions to help reinforce learning and assess understanding.
  • 35 Word Work Game Cards: A set of 35 game cards designed to review and revise silent letters through a fun and interactive Silent Letter Game, perfect for group activities or individual practice.
  • Answers Included: Complete answer keys are provided for all worksheets and game cards, facilitating easy review and feedback from educators.
  • Print-Friendly Design: All materials are printed in black and white to save on ink costs, with the exception of the visually appealing color cover page.


Silent Letters included:

★ B

★ C

★ D

★ H

★ K

★ L

★ T



  • Targeted Silent Letter Stories: Each passage focuses on one specific silent letter, providing a fun and engaging narrative.
  • Rich Learning Context: Stories are designed to entertain and also deepen students' understanding of silent letters.
  • Activity Sheets Included: Each story comes with a matching worksheet featuring comprehension questions to reinforce learning.
  • Print-Friendly: All materials are black and white for economical printing, with a colorful cover page to attract attention.



  • 35 Interactive Game Cards: Includes cards for students to fill in missing silent letters or engage in matching activities.
  • Visual Aids: Each card has a supportive picture to enhance recognition and memory.
  • Ideal for Various Educational Settings: Perfect for grammar, word work, or spelling programs; great for use in Literacy/Reading Rotations or Centers.
  • Durable and Laminatable: Cards are color-printed and designed to be laminated for long-term, hands-on use.



  • Reading Centers / Rotations
  • Explicit instruction and whole class
  • Revision
  • Intervention
  • Homework programs


Perfect for Educators and Learners Alike!

This bundle is not just a teaching aid but a gateway to mastering the complexities of English spelling. It’s perfect for teachers looking to enrich their classroom resources and for students eager to explore beyond traditional learning methods. With the answers included, educators can facilitate discussions and feedback with ease, ensuring that every learning opportunity is seized.


Empower your students to decode and spell with confidence—explore our Silent Letters Bundle today and witness their transformation into proficient readers and writers!

SILENT LETTERS - B C D H K L T - Reading Passages & Worksheets + Game - PHONICS

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