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Boost spelling skills with our Spelling Choice Boards pack! Ideal for 1st for 5th grade. Works for any spelling list. Rich open-ended word work and spelling activities.


Activities encourage students to analyze the spelling patterns within words. Focusing on identifying how words sound, look and how they compare to other words to build their understanding.



  • 5 Choice Boards: Includes a Simple 3x3 Board, Varied Activity Boards with leveled differentiation, and a Bloom's Taxonomy Board for advanced cognitive engagement.

  • 20 Versatile Activities: Offers a wide range of spelling practices such as Look Say Cover Write Check, Word Scavenger Hunt, Words I Need to Learn, and more, suitable for any spelling list.

  • Extension Activities Included: Enhances learning with additional activities like Money Words, Ninja Words, and Word Origins, offering a deeper exploration of language.

  • Designed for Grades 1-5: Ideal for elementary students, with activities scalable for different age groups and learning stages.

  • Black and White Format: Easy to print and photocopy, making it accessible and cost-effective for classroom use.

  • Adaptable for Any Spelling List: Activities are open-ended, allowing for use with any set of spelling words.


THE BOARDS - 5x Spelling Choice Boards:

  • Simple 3x3 Board:

  • Varied Activity Boards - leveled, differentiated, fun!

  • Bloom's Taxonomy Board


ACTIVITIES – For any list:

→ Look Say Cover Write Check

→ Word Scavenger Hunt

→ Words I Need to Learn

→ Connecting Words

→ Create a Word Search

→ Write Use Draw

→ Word Ladders

→ Spelling Battleship

→ Spelling Hangman

→ Word Trails



→ Money Words x2 options

→ Ninja Words

→ Guess My Word

→ Word Origins

→ Word Darts

→ Crosswords

→ Root Words


Want to challenge and extend your top, most effective spellers?

  • 8 different activities are designed to challenge those spellers who are quick learners and need a challenge.

  • There is a mix of activities that require a spelling list and a mix of activities that are totally open-ended and require you to provide no list.

  • Activities challenge students to problem solve and to deeply look into words and their histories.


Spelling Choice Boards

GST Included
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