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Spelling Tricks and Mnemonics Posters - support for spelling common words!


16 mnemonic posters for memorising and learning spelling rules with simple tricks! Helpful for difficult sight words and empowering students and their learning skills.


Why Mnemonics?

We all remember those spelling patterns that we learnt through the use of mnemonic cues. Mnemonics can help students retain information by pairing information with cues or meaning. The process of using mnemonics and developing mnemonic cues and tricks also allows students to gain conscious control of learning and their memory.


The Pack

This pack includes 16 mnemonic tricks for the spelling of common words (often words difficult for students to learn).

There are two types of posters or cards for students to learn and a display heading.



• Friend

• Island

• Separate

• Library

• Believe

• Rhythm

• Difficulty

• Dessert or desert

• Misspell

• Laugh

• Piece

• Necessary

• Because

• Could, would, should

• February

• Together

Spelling Tricks and Mnemonic Posters

GST Included
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