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Celebrate the End of the School Year with Exciting Summer Trivia! Perfect for 2nd Grades and Up, this set includes 20 summer-themed questions and is available in PowerPoint/PDF format, complete with an answer summary and response sheet. Ideal for an engaging class game, remote learning, or at-home fun.


As the school year wraps up, what better way to keep the learning spirit alive while having fun than with our Summer Trivia game? This set is specially designed for junior students to explore and enjoy a variety of summer-related topics!



  • End-of-Year Classroom Fun - The perfect, light-hearted activity to conclude the school year, suitable for in-class interaction.
  • 20 Engaging Questions - Explore a mix of subjects including summer science, geography, the Summer Olympics, and popular culture, with questions designed to pique the curiosity of students.
  • Two Interactive Versions - Choose between two formats: one where answers are revealed after each question for immediate feedback, and another where answers are provided at the end for suspense and excitement.
  • Versatile Formats - Available in both PowerPoint and PDF to fit every teaching scenario.
  • Complete Answer Summary - Each question is accompanied by an answer explanation, enhancing learning and understanding.
  • Printable Response Sheet - Perfect for students to record their answers, facilitating both classroom and remote participation.



  • Which famous structure in France tends to get taller in the summer due to thermal expansion?
  • What is the name of the optical illusion that makes it look like water is on the road on a hot day?
  • Which phenomenon causes the days to be longer in the summer?


Harder questions have multiple choice answers.


This trivia set is not just educational but also a fantastic way to engage students in a collective classroom activity, fostering a sense of community and teamwork as they tackle questions together. Whether used in person or remotely, the setup is straightforward, requiring no additional explanation, which makes it easy for both teachers and parents.


Kick off your summer break with our Summer Trivia set and add a splash of excitement to your end-of-year activities!

Summer TRIVIA - End of Year Activity Game - MIDDLE & ELEMENTARY - Powerpoint PDF

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