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Fuel intrinsic motivation & growth mindset with our Proud Program! Empower students to celebrate achievementsset goals & develop a positive mindset. Postersworksheetsgoal-setting resources & more. Cultivate a culture of pride & growth.


This program is designed to intrinsically motivate children as learners by raising their awareness of the moments and achievements that are worth feeling PROUD of!


The Proud Program provides a structured approach to celebrating achievements, encouraging self-assessment, involving parents, and giving students choice in their learning. By implementing this program, you can create a positive and motivating classroom environment that promotes deep learning, persistence, creativity, and well-being.


Main steps outlined and supported in the program to develop intrinsic motivate are;

→ Identifying what motivates and makes students proud in their learning.

→ Making explicit the skills and understandings students are working towards.

→ Celebrate student's achievements and meaningful accomplishments and support their ability to identify when they have made progress.

→ Use of explicit and consistent language relating to intrinsic motivation.

→ Involve and communicate your approach to parents


Key Features:

  • 42 pages with everything you need to build instrinsic motivation
  • Comprehensive Teacher Guides to guide you through the poster. Every element of the program has a teacher guide with an overview, tips and suggestions.
  • Posters and displays to encourage students to think about the word 'PROUD' and the areas in their life they might feel proud in.
  • Proud Slips - for students to stick into their books when they are particularly proud of something they've produced, fostering a sense of achievement and encouraging self-assessment.
  • Worksheets for students to record what motivates them through all aspects of their life. Worksheets and prompts are provided to initiate discussions about pride and achievement, helping students to recognize and celebrate their own successes.
  • Learning Journal to set goals with students. Resources are provided to help students set explicit learning goals and track their progress. This includes Goal Setting Templates for reading, writing, maths, and learning/behavior, as well as Check-In Sheets for regular progress assessments.
  • Celebration Wall - Display headings are provided to create a 'Celebration Wall' in your classroom, a visual representation of students' achievements.
  • Black line masters for all colored resources

The Proud Proud - Intrinsic Motivation and Behaviour Management Program

GST Included
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