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Boost literacy with our engaging Trigraph Phonics Passages. Ideal for 1st to 4th grade. Perfect for centersexplicit instructionintervention and revision. Includes follow up activities and comprehension questions.


→ Fun and quirky stories for each trigraph

→ Matching comprehension and phonics activity sheet

→ Answer pages included

→ Pages all blank and white (apart from the cover page)


Perfect for:

  • Reading Centers / Rotations
  • Explicit instruction and whole class
  • Decodable Phonics programs
  • Revision
  • Intervention
  • Homework programs


Trigraphs included;

★ scr

★ spl

★ str

★ shr

★ spr

★ squ

★ thr


These are often challenging for students to read and spell, making this product an essential tool for literacy development.


Our Trigraph Phonics Passages are designed to help those readers who find reading and spelling these trigraphs difficult. Through engaging stories and interactive activities, students can gain confidence and improve their literacy skills, setting them up for future academic success.

Trigraph Stories - Reading Phonics Passages - scr spl str shr spr squ thr

GST Included
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