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Engage students in Vowel Team / Digraph practice with our exciting board games, ideal for 1st to 4th grade! Featuring ie, ai, ay, ue, ui, oa, ow, oe, ea, ee, ey. 11 games for reading groups and word work. Players read and identify words in the grid, reinforcing vowel team/digraph knowledge.



→ Includes ie ai ay ue ui oa ow oe ea ee ey

→ 11 board games for vowel team / digraph revision. Easy reading groups or rotation activity.

→ Children must read the word they land on and then identify the word again in the word grid.

→ Great opportunity for students to learn and revise vowel team / digraph!

→ They are very easy board games, easy enough for children of all ages to follow and play independently.


How to play:

  • Roll dice and move your token along the path.
  • When a player lands on a word they must read it aloud and then find that vowel team / digraph in the middle grid. They then put a counter on their word in the grid. Each player should use different colored counters.
  • If you land on a smiley face, you may roll again. If you land on a sad face, you lose a turn.
  • Players take it in turns playing until all words in the middle grid are taken.
  • Winner is the player with the most counters on words at the end.

Vowel Team / Digraph Board Games

GST Included
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