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Master "your" and "you're" with our "YOUR YOU'RE Reading Passages"! This essential resource includes reading passages, follow-up activities, and worksheets designed to reinforce understanding, all complemented by a complete answer key. Ideal for reading centers, classroom instruction, and phonics programs, it's the perfect tool for enhancing reading comprehension and writing precision.


This product provides passages and activities to help students build their grasp of these homophones through engaging reading and inquiry.



  • 1x Reading Passage – find the homophone
  • 1x Reading Passage – fill in the blank with the right homophone
  • Follow-up Activity – comprehension questions and practice
  • Worksheet Extra Practice – circle the correct homophone
  • Answers Included – Black and white except for the front cover.



  • Reading Centers / Rotations
  • Explicit instruction and whole class
  • Decodable Phonics programs
  • Revision
  • Intervention
  • Homework programs

YOUR YOU'RE - Homophones - Reading Passages Worksheets REVISION ACTIVITY

GST Included
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