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How to Use AI in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Primary School Teachers

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept of the future. It's here, transforming education in ways we couldn't have imagined a few years ago. As a primary school teacher, you might be wondering how to incorporate AI into your classroom in a practical and engaging way. Here's a simple guide to help you do just that, using real-life examples from Sherbert Learning's range of AI resources.

AI Scavenger Hunts

AI Scavenger Hunts are a fun and interactive way to introduce students to AI. It turns learning into a game, which can help to engage students and make the learning process more enjoyable. During the scavenger hunt, students are encouraged to explore, discover, and learn at their own pace. They can work individually or in teams, promoting both independent thinking and teamwork.

For example, you could set up a scavenger hunt where students use an AI tool to identify different plants or animals based on descriptions or images.

Sherbert Learning's AI Scavenger Hunt provides a structured way to guide these discussions and activities, taking the burden of planning and preparation off your shoulders. It's a ready-made, comprehensive, and engaging resource that makes learning about AI an exciting adventure for students.

Creative Writing with AI

AI can serve as a useful assistant for brainstorming, planning, and writing, providing students with a unique perspective on their work.

For instance, if your students are writing a story about a journey to space, they could use an AI tool to generate ideas for what they might encounter.

Sherbert Learning's Creative Writing using AI and ChatGPT resource provides comprehensive guides, lesson plans, and AI-prompted worksheets that make it easy to integrate AI into their teaching. This resource not only enhances the creative writing process but also fosters an innovative learning environment where students can explore their creativity and improve their writing skills.

Role Playing with AI

Role-play is an educational technique that involves spontaneous and improvised enactment of real-life situations. AI can transform the traditional role-play method into a dynamic, immersive, and stimulating learning experience.

Role-Play using AI & ChatGPT leverages the potential of ChatGPT to revolutionize role-play in classrooms. It provides teachers with an array of reading and questioning templates, meticulously designed to instigate thought, trigger conversation, and augment comprehension among students.

Research Based Interviews with AI

AI-powered research interviews can breathe life into various subjects, from literature and history to science and the arts, creating an immersive learning experience that fosters deeper understanding and student engagement.

Imagine a lesson on ancient civilizations where students interact with an AI that 'plays' the role of a historical figure like Cleopatra or Julius Caesar. Or, in a lesson on endangered animals, students could 'interview' an AI that provides information from the perspective of the animal.

This approach to research, offered by Sherbert Learning, can foster a deeper understanding of various subjects. AI-powered research interviews resource provides a comprehensive guide for teachers, facilitating the seamless integration of AI-powered interviews into their lessons.

Time Travel with AI

The cover of Time Travel with AI: from Sherbert Learning

The "Time Travel with AI" resource provides an easy-to-follow guide for teachers. It encourages students to design an AI character who has experienced a historical event they're studying. Students then prepare a series of questions and interact with their AI character, effectively 'interviewing' a figure from the past.

For example, imagine a class studying the American Civil War. The teacher introduces the "Time Travel with AI" resource and asks students to select a significant event from the Civil War, such as the Battle of Gettysburg. They then design an AI character who was there — this could be a soldier, a nurse, a journalist, or even a civilian living in Gettysburg at the time. Students research their chosen event and character, then formulate questions they would like to ask their AI character about their experience.

This process allows students to directly interact with history, rather than being passive recipients of information. They engage in conversation, ask questions, and probe deeper into the context of the historical event. The AI, embodying the character students designed, provides detailed responses based on its vast knowledge, offering unique insights into the past.

Introduction to AI to Build Students AI Skills

Sherbert Learning's 'Introduction to AI Unit of Learning' is an impeccably designed collection of worksheets aimed at making AI learning simple, effective, and engaging for middle and high school students. This resource gradually introduces students to AI principles and progressively helps them build their AI ChatGPT skills.

One of the most challenging aspects of using AI in the classroom is getting started, particularly when it comes to students inputting the correct prompts. AI operates based on the prompts it receives, and if these prompts are not correctly formulated, the AI might not provide the desired response.

This is where Sherbert Learning's resources come in handy. Each resource includes AI and ChatGPT prompts that students can directly copy into the chat. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures that students get the most out of their AI interaction.

Incorporating AI into your classroom doesn't have to be daunting. With Sherbert Learning's range of AI tools, you can enhance your teaching methods and enrich your students' learning experiences. Embrace the future of education today with AI.

Debating with AI - includes FREEBIE!

Debate an AI: a free resource from Sherbert Learning to support teachers using AI to develop student's debating skills

AI can also be used to develop your student's debating skills. The Sherbert Learning FREEBIE employs AI to simulate a realistic and engaging opponent in debates, providing immediate feedback and diverse perspectives on various topics. The tool fosters a safe environment for students to practice their debating skills, encourages thorough research and preparation, and offers a comprehensive resource, the "Debate an AI FREEBIE", to help educators integrate AI debates into their classrooms. This innovative product transforms the learning experience, promoting critical thinking and analytical skills among students.

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