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Make Spelling Fun: An Inquiry-Based Approach Using Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Want a fun way for your students to practise a spelling pattern or rule?

Incorporating inquiry-based activities into your teaching can be a game-changer in student engagement. One such activity that has proven to be effective and fun is the Spelling Scavenger Hunt. This engaging, exploratory strategy enhances students' understanding of spelling rules, encourages critical thinking, and boosts interaction.

Here's how you can implement this activity in your classroom:

Students on a spelling scavenger hunt - from the Sherbert Learning resource Spelling Choice Boards
  1. Choose a Spelling Rule or Pattern: Start by selecting a specific spelling rule or pattern that you want your students to explore. This could be anything from simple vowel rules to more complex patterns.

  2. Set the Stage: Give your students, divided into teams, around 20 minutes to find examples of this rule within classroom resources and books. They should identify the word, highlight the pattern within it, and note down the source. This encourages teamwork, attention to detail, and comprehension.

  3. Create a Discussion: Once the scavenger hunt is over, have each team present their findings. Encourage them to discuss their observations and discoveries about the rule. This not only deepens understanding but also enhances communication skills.

  4. Reflect: Ask students to reflect on their learning experience. What was challenging? What was surprising about the pattern they found? Reflection is a key part of inquiry-based learning, as it encourages students to think more deeply about what they've learned.

Students on a spelling scavenger hunt - from the Sherbert Learning resource Spelling Choice Boards

For educators looking for a well-structured, ready-to-use resource to kick-start this fun learning journey, we have something for you. Introducing our Spelling Scavenger Hunt – a comprehensive tool designed to optimize this process.

Our Spelling Scavenger Hunt, available for free download HERE, ensures a seamless learning experience for both you and your students. This activity is part of our broader Spelling Pack, which contains an array of engaging activities suitable for any spelling focus, including Spelling Choice Boards.

This activity is a part of a Spelling Pack with a range of engaging activities for any spelling focus, including Spelling Choice Boards. Click the icon below to explore further.

The Sherbert Learning resource - Spelling Choice Board resource. An engaging spelling activity for any spelling list

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