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Grammar Focus in Reading Rotations: A Match Made in Heaven

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

One of the most effective ways to reinforce and review specific grammar topics is by integrating them into reading rotations or reading groups. A technique that I have found to be extremely successful is the sequential implementation of a grammar area over two weeks.

The first week is dedicated to introducing and exploring the grammar concept, while the following week allows for independent time to consolidate this learning. Implementing this two-week cycle within reading groups creates an enriching environment for sequential learning that enhances understanding and retention.

To facilitate this process, I have designed a variety of grammar resources that can be seamlessly incorporated into independent reading activities. These resources not only aid in understanding grammar concepts but also make learning fun and interactive for the students.

Interactive Games for Reinforcing Grammar Lessons

Students greatly enjoy engaging in interactive activities such as matching games, puzzle games, and memory games. These games not only provide a fun-filled learning experience but also allow students to manage their learning independently, which is a significant advantage.

Contraction Match: A word work game to explore contractions from Sherbert Learning


One such resource that I offer for free focuses on contractions. This can be utilized as a simple matching game to practice contractions, or it can be extended into a memory game for an added challenge. This kind of interactive practice helps students to recognize and use contractions effectively in their writing.


A sample of the match cards included in the Homophone Match activity perfect for grammar word work from Sherbert Learning

Next on the list is the Homophone Match game. This game is designed to improve students' understanding and usage of homophones. Students match homophones using helpful visual cues and sentences, which provide essential context clues. This interactive method of learning helps in the comprehensive understanding and accurate usage of homophones.

A sample of Prefix and Suffix matching games perfect for revision and grammar from Sherbert Learning


To help students consolidate their knowledge of suffixes and prefixes, I've designed a challenging puzzle pack. In this game, students must match the root word with the corresponding suffix or prefix and its definition. This puzzle is a great way to reinforce understanding and application of suffixes and prefixes, and the colorful, laminated cards make a great addition to any grammar-rich classroom.

In conclusion, utilizing reading rotations to reinforce and review grammar topics offers a dynamic and interactive way to enhance learning. By offering students a variety of resources and games, you can turn grammar lessons into engaging and fun activities that students can manage independently.

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